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All memberships are individual-based

Technology Corporate Member

Description: Working for a technology company that is at least 60% focused on technology creation or provides a technology product/service, even though the member herself or himself may have job descriptions that require less than 60% technology focus (e.g., HR, marketing, sales).

Technology Focused Member

Description: Working for non-tech company that has less than 60% focus on technology creation or providing a technology product/service, but the member herself or himself has a job description that requires at least 60% technology focus (e.g., IT services, computer programming, analyst/consultant, engineer). This category also includes individuals not currently working for a corporation but with a large interest in technology (such as sole proprietors and students).

Service Provider Member

Description: Working for business providing services to the Technology industry, i.e. lawyers, accountants, print, graphic design, packaging, marketing, staffing, advertising.

Non-profit/Education Member

Description: Reserved for members working in educational institutions, government agencies, non-profit organizations, etc.

** Please note that applications may be reviewed to make sure they meet membership guidelines.

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