Thanks to our commitee chairs, vice-chairs and members for your service and contribution!

Social Marketing

Maile Keone (Chair)

Holly Olsen

Kelly Johnson

Amanda Hudson

Josh Peters



Christy Whitehouse (Chair)


Public Relations

Jamie Kaneko (Chair)


Tech Talks

Gretta Spendlove (Chair)

Cyndee Holden (Vice-Chair)

Michelle Baron


Spring Event

Hollie Davis

Karie Huzzey

Cyndi Riley

Beverly Warren

Lana Mills


Summer Event

Sheridan Redmond (Chair)

Rebecca Tomek

Lora Lea Mock


Women's Group Alliance

Angela Trego (Chair)

Tracy Christman (Vice-Chair)

Cori Dawn Petersen

Johanna Nielsen

Michelle Gunter

Barbara Bagnasacco



Tami Goetz (Chair)

Kelly McCrystal (Vice-Chair)

Sharon Bertelsen

Vérité, Inc.