What Makes Us Different?

We Assist and Promote Career Advancement

We are proud to be one of the first organizations to support tech focused women in Utah. Our goals are to promote women in leadership and provide resources to strengthen their careers.

We Collaborate With & Support Men

The Women Tech Council not only networks with men and supports their business endeavors, we provide resources for their businesses by offering candidates for technology management and other roles within their organizations. By offering resources and leadership to the women in technology, we are, in essence, engaging with their businesses to assist in meeting their needs.

We Team With Business

We help businesses reach key women decision makers and give them avenues to pursue top employees. This is a win-win for the Women Tech Council and for the business community. Along the way, we play an important role in keeping the community connected with innovative new companies and ideas.

Our Alliances & Partners

We know that we can't support our members and fellow businesses alone, we need dynamic sponsors and professional organizations that will provide our member businesses with top notch products and services. From finding the right vendor to locating the right education partner, you can find it at the Women Tech Council.

Vérité, Inc.